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Be environmentally friendly & financially smart

Wake-up call: sustainability can no longer be ignored

In today's world, success and sustainability go hand in hand, and it's up to every business to take the lead in combating climate change.

So sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity for businesses to meet the expectations of consumers and employees, and comply with regulations while also driving growth.

Metals are part of the problem if we are not closing the loop

The metals industry is accountable for a significant proportion of carbon emissions.
Just the steel industry alone is responsible for 5% of EU and 7% of global CO2 emissions and faces challenges in aligning with the EU’s climate targets ¹.

Metals can also be part of the solution

Circular economy plays a crucial role in sustainability and metal recycling is an essential component of this process. But simply recycling metal is no longer sufficient in the face of our modern environmental challenges.

To truly make a difference, we know we need to rethink the current model. That's where innovation, efficiency, and transparency come into play.

Sustainability at Metaloop

With every optimized truckload, with every simplified in-house operation, with every ton of metal scrap made available, we work towards a more closed loop and a better future.

Thanks to our international network, we provide high-quality services and materials, while also prioritizing environmental responsibility.


Substitution of fossil metal

  • Scrap metal is used to substitute primary metal from mining
  • This is Metaloop's customers saving CO2 in practice


Optimising transport

  • Metaloop cuts out intermediaries and reduces the stops the material takes
  • This shortens the material travel and reduces the emissions of the material transportation

Making scrap metal available

  • The secondary metal market is very illiquid compared to the primary market
  • Foundries often chose primary metal simply because recycled metal is not available. Metaloop makes recycled metal more easily available increasing its use

Operating system of circular economy

  • Circular economies require an efficient market to grow
  • Metaloop is creating an efficient circular economy combining match-making, transportation & financing, therefore creating a long term incentive for the market to grow

We are set to future-proof the metal recycling industry by making it more efficient and more sustainable - for the benefit of people & our planet.

By giving a new life to scrap metal, together with our clients we help conserve energy, raw materials, and natural resources. 

Join us.

The clock is ticking, but we believe change is still possible.