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Your all-in-one solution for metal scrap

Focus on your core business, while we take care of everything.

About Metaloop

The metal scrap market urgently needs a transformation. Secondary raw materials, unlike primary base metals, suffer from a lack of central exchange, non-standardized qualities, and too many intermediaries. This results in delays and frustration for both buyers and sellers.

Together, we can change that.

As an industrial manufacturer, whether you want to buy or sell, you'll receive our full support in managing your metal scrap. We work closely with top recyclers and smelters to ensure you make the most of your capacity, offering an All-in-One solution tailored to your needs.

Our global service extends beyond just quality materials and competitive prices; we manage the entire process, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

Save time, money, and energy

    Global FinancingGlobal Financing

In just a few years, we've established ourselves as a trusted leader in the metal scrap marketplace. How? By digitizing and simplifying the entire process, ensuring seamless operations, and providing you with tailor-made, unbeatable offers in just 5 key steps.

We rely on human interaction where it matters most, while efficiently automating the rest of the process for your convenience.

And with a data-driven approach and rigorous partner qualification, we match supply and demand, securing optimal prices and top-notch quality for you.

With Metaloop
  • Seller enters the commodity they wish to sell on Metaloop.

  • Metaloop team qualifies the request.

  • Metaloop shortlists the top potential interested buyers.

  • Best price offer accepted.

  • Metaloop organises the delivery & payment from the seller to the buyer.

Let us handle your metal scrap.

Filling the gaps between supply & demand

In today's fast-paced business world, time is of the essence. That's why we've developed an accelerated process that puts your needs first.

With technology-enabled supply and demand matching, you can be sure that your materials will be handled efficiently and effectively.

But technology can never replace the importance of human interaction. That's why we provide you with a dedicated contact who is always ready to assist you.


Working smarter, not harder

With our All-In-One solution, you have access to the best pricing, logistics, financing, and a portal that provides you with a local and global overview.


Helping you save money, time, and energy

Streamlining the entire process allows you to focus on what really matters - growing your business and maximizing profits.


Breaking down silos - one place of truth for your team

With the Metaloop Portal, you gain enhanced visibility over your material at a local and global level. This empowers you and your team (from purchasing to financing) with the insights needed to make informed decisions, resulting in cost savings, increased efficiency, and financial gains.


Saving natural resources while saving money

This unique approach allows us to simultaneously cut down your expenses and CO2 emissions.

Raising the bar: we are committed to future-proof the metal recycling industry


Hundreds of Companies Trust Us with Their Material

Over 400 companies, both small-medium and large enterprises, are buying or selling their metal scrap with us.


ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Our relentless pursuit of excellence is reflected in our ISO 9001:2015 certification, a testament to our dedication to the highest standards of quality management.


Top 3 of Austria's Fastest-Growing Companies

We take great pride in being acknowledged as a leader in our field and we will continue to question the status quo and forge a more sustainable future.