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One all-in-one solution for all your stainless steel scrap operations

Strengthen your supply chain with proven industry professionals by your side


Robust logistics: Precision-crafted for grand-scale operations

  • We handle large quantities seamlessly, making each step synchronize perfectly.
  • Every phase of our logistics is fine-tuned for large-scale global demands, ensuring fluidity in operation.
  • Our experienced international team navigates every challenge, ensuring your operations realize maximum efficiency with minimal resources.

Consistent reliability: we deliver what we promise

  • Our pick-up and delivery services are perfectly timed to integrate with your operations, minimizing disruptions.
  • Count on us to uphold our commitment, ensuring your production line thrives.
  • You get a dedicated contact account manager to support you with everything you need via phone or email.

Precision logistics for peace of mind

Integrated excellence: From start to end, your operations are streamlined and synchronized with your needs.

Customized approach: Our logistical solutions are tailored to fit your unique demands, consistently aligning with your operational capacity.

All-in-one solution: You gain a comprehensive logistical partner. Every aspect, from pickup to payment, is seamlessly integrated to serve your stainless steel requirements.

Operational excellence
certification_quality management_metaloopISO 9001:2015 Certification

Focus on your core business with complete peace of mind, while we handle the metal scrap for you.

Full-service approach: we take care of every aspect for you

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Absolute transparency: Your operations, your insight

  • Get full access and control with the Metaloop Portal: Providing complete oversight from transaction details to quality certifications.
  • Facilitate your teams, regardless of their location: International team management is seamless with unified strategizing and oversight.
  • Capitalize on opportunities: Get the best offer available, free from geographical constraints.

See how our solutions have worked for other businesses

Don't just take our word for it.

See for yourself how our customers transformed their business with Metaloop, saving time, money, and energy.

Write your own success story. Stay on top of your business buying and selling with us.