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The Metaloop Effect:

How one aluminum manufacturer took their business to the next level

Our customer is a top-tier manufacturer and distributor of aluminum profile systems, known for its innovative use of state-of-the-art technology.

With a strong focus on quality and sustainability, the company operates multiple foundry plants and extrusion presses, all geared toward providing the highest level of service and products to its customers.


Transforming supply chain challenges into opportunities

Despite being a leading player in their industry, our client's internal production process, which spans from pre-production materials to finished product distribution, was impeded by a lack of timely access to aluminum billets for pre-production and the recycling of production metal scrap. This presented a significant challenge as their working capital was tied up for up to 200 days and they required €7.5 million worth of production input materials every month.


One partner for working capital lines and metal scrap management

This is where we stepped in. We offered working capital lines for pre-production materials to their international facilities with our financing product and took care of their metal scrap in Europe.

All transactions, including financing and metal scrap operations, could be planned and monitored on our Metaloop Portal, ensuring a smooth and transparent process.


Gaining financial flexibility for better business operations

Our customer was able to unlock higher working capital lines and increase their capacity utilization from 70% to 89%. Metaloop is providing 25,000 metric tons of pre-production materials and recycles 1,200 metric tons of post-production metal scrap.

The pre-production material is now financed 45 days from delivery, and metal scrap is paid two days after material pick-up. Our optimized supply chain service has empowered our customer to focus on what they do best: manufacturing top-quality aluminum profiles.

Don't let inefficient metal scrap management hold your business back

Switch to Metaloop for reliable solutions, and experience the convenience, transparency, and growth that your business deserves.