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Copper smelter improves production with Metaloop's all-in-one solution

Our client, a leading copper smelter with production plants across Europe, requires top-notch metal scrap at short notice. With quality and timely delivery being mandatory, the company also seeks flexible fixation terms to ensure a seamless production process.


Finding a reliable partner for high quality metal scrap and flexible payment terms

The company faced cash flow problems during the pandemic and needed high-quality metal scrap on short notice to keep up with production. They were searching for a partner who could provide not only high-quality material but also flexible payment terms and reliable delivery, despite the challenging planning situation.


Customizing solutions to meet any needs

Our team delivered a solution that fulfilled all requirements. We developed flexible payment terms to ensure the smelter had the cash flow needed to continue production.

We then offered the flexibility they needed, providing material on short notice and changing delivery dates on short notice. In case of any issues with logistic setups or quality, we found solutions fast.

We set up processes to ensure smooth planning and meet their expectations regarding fixation terms, ultimately accepting 60 days of payment terms.


Positive impact on business continuity and customer satisfaction

Our customer was able to maintain production and continue delivering high-quality semi-finished products to their customers and overall, keep their business running smoothly, turning a challenge into an opportunity.

Don't let inefficient metal scrap management hold your business back

Switch to Metaloop for reliable solutions, and experience the convenience, transparency, and growth that your business deserves.