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Small Manufacturing Company Boosts Revenue by Tens of Thousands with Metaloop's All-In-One Solution


Addressing inefficiencies and disorganization

Managing metal scrap can be a daunting task, especially when you're dealing with a lack of transparency and inconvenient processes.One small manufacturing company faced these challenges for years, selling 10-20 tons of offset plates each month to their long-time metal scrap dealer.

They had grown accustomed to working with the same dealer and thought all the hassle was normal. Inge P., the company's operations manager, was convinced that they were getting the best possible deals. Their dealer is personable and competent and even visits them from time to time.

The prices are linked to an agreed upon official price Index and he constantly assures Inge that other recycling companies that are contacting her are not reputable or their prices are unsustainable. At the same time, due to rising costs, she is pressured to find cheaper alternatives for purchasing and recycling offset plates.

She needs to do more with less. So she digs deeper into the company's metal scrap management system and realizes that they are losing money and time to inefficiencies and disorganization.


A Trustworthy Partner for Business Growth

She looks for a solution and finds Metaloop. She gets an 8% better deal and a much-needed All-in-One Digital Solution - she can now easily access all their transaction documents, schedule pickups, and get prompt support.


Generating an Extra €48,000 in Revenue Annually

By switching to Metaloop, the company generated €48,000 annually in revenue, which allowed them to invest in their business and expand their operations.

Inge’s success story demonstrates the importance of regularly reviewing and comparing metal scrap dealers, as over 60% of SMEs lose out on potential revenue by working with the same dealer for over 5 years.

Moreover, 70% of scrap dealers prioritize their profits over fair competition, so it is crucial to tender out metal scrap and review the market every 2 years for optimal financial benefits.

Don't let inefficient metal scrap management hold your business back

Switch to Metaloop for reliable solutions, and experience the convenience, transparency, and growth that your business deserves.